Apotheosis 3.0

Jungle Paradise


Apotheosis 3.0 will take place at Soltara Healing Center, a beautiful jungle retreat center on the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica. There will be ~3 sacred plant medicine ceremonies, yoga, meditation, breathwork, transformational workshops, and much more. It’s going to be a divine experience. We hope to see you there. Click here to apply.

Last Time We Went to Costa Rica…

Watch our short film below to get a visceral taste of the magic we experienced the first time we held an Apotheosis in Costa Rica. It was life-altering:


A Look Inside Soltara

We’re ecstatic to be working with the wonderful team at Soltara Healing Center to make Apotheosis 3.0 truly next-level and unforgettable. Here’s a peek inside their soul-nourishing haven:

To see more photos of Soltara, take a look at their full gallery here.

For a more visceral glimpse within this marvelous place, watch their short film below:


Your experience includes:

  1. 5 days/nights and ~120 total hours of time at Apotheosis, immersed in one of the most unique and transformative psychedelic retreats on Earth

  2. Entrance to ~3 plant medicine ceremonies with highly experienced Peruvian Shipibo shamans, which offer you the experience of a truly rare, magical, epiphany-filled gnosis—a jewel of human life passed down through centuries

  3. Many expertly guided group sessions of enlightening and healing spiritual practices, including age-old modalities such as meditation and yoga, as well as the cutting-edge modality of transformational breathwork

  4. Access to multiple mind-altering, self-actualizing workshops, plus numerous other life-changing activities

  5. Immersion in the healing tranquility of the jungle + one or more nature excursions

  6. An experience of divine community with an intimate hand-selected group of just ~26 people, including our team of ~6 facilitators

  7. Access to a private on-site pool; a creative space for music, art, writing, and dance; and a semi-private beach and equipment for kayaking and snorkeling in the pristine Gulf of Nicoya

  8. Chartered transportation from San Jose to and from Soltara Healing Center

  9. Your own comfy bed in one of the beautiful modern apartments at Soltara

  10. The opportunity to connect deeply with the creators of HighExistence and Apotheosis + all the other wonderful Apotheosis retreat-goers, and form lasting friendships

  11. Fresh, wholesome, beautiful, organic, lovingly prepared meals for the duration of your Apotheosis experience

  12. A Master Guide sent to you in the weeks before the event that gives you pre-retreat educational materials + all the info you need to have a blissful peak experience

  13. Access to our carefully designed pre-retreat and post-retreat writing exercises to help you set intentions, integrate what you learn, and get the most out of the experience

  14. Access to the digital versions of our course, 30 Challenges to Enlightenment, as well as our Mindfulness Manual and Mindfulness Masterclass after the retreat, to help you integrate the experience

  15. An invitation in the weeks beforehand to join an Apotheosis Whatsapp forum + an Apotheosis group on our own community platform for everyone attending your Apotheosis to connect; these forums remain active indefinitely

  16. An unforgettable experience of a lifetime and irreplaceable milestone in your personal and spiritual development


For more insight into the Apotheosis experience, here’s Co-Founder Jordan Bates to paint you a vivid picture of what it’s like to attend: