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Meet Your Instructor

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Breathwork coach Philippa Wilkin will be running the entire 10-week Mastermind Integration Program. Phillippa’s workshops were one of the most-loved parts of Apotheosis 1.0, and she will be joining us again for Apotheosis 2.0 in the Netherlands. Her approach with clients is warm, wise, friendly, while at the same time direct and beaming with integrity. She is the perfect leader for the Mastermind due to her deep, mindful concern for the growth of each individual she works with.


WHY Participate?

Integration is a vital part of any transformational retreat, especially one that incorporates plant medicine. During the retreat setting, you get overloaded with insights, ideas, and thoughts about what you need to start doing differently to improve your life. But when you return home, life takes over and your progress and momentum subsides... you return to your baseline and start planning the next magical retreat that will fix all your problems.

Obviously, this is a sub-optimal strategy. 

When you properly integrate your retreat experiences, you internalize your insights and permanently become what you learned. If you go on a 5-day crash course to learn how to drive, but then don't get back in a car for year, you will lose your gains. Think of the mastermind as your weekly driving lesson after the crash course. By the end of the 10-weeks, you will have unconscious competence in all the areas you saw you needed to grow during the retreat. 

The Apotheosis Mastermind

Our mastermind intergration program provides the perfect way to integrate your experiences from the retreat, develop a compelling vision for your future, and implement the habits and practices that will ensure you meet your potential. 

Each week you will meet with Philippa and between 6-12 tribe members from your retreat to focus on a particular growth topic. During the mastermind you will be asked to listen, think, reflect, share, strategize, and give feedback to other members. There will be a large range of transformational exercises that you will do both in the calls and in the week between each call. 

Even though you will be performing yoga and participating in plant medicine ceremonies as you did in the Apotheosis retreat, because of the length of the program one could argue that the mastermind will be even more life-changing and applicable to your daily life. 

Signing up for the mastermind is a huge investment in your future-self. For 10 weeks you will be focusing on improving your mental and and physical health to the best it's ever been. Our key aim for the mastermind is to help you in your actual life, so Philippa will also make sure you have a concrete post-mastermind plan of action to maintain the gains you make during the program.  


What to Expect

During the Apotheosis Mastermind Integration Program, you can expect:

  • 15-20 Hours of live discussions

  • Motivation and Accountability 

  • 10 Weeks of Exercises

  • Reconnection With Your Tribe

  • Sharing Circles

  • Past Analysis

  • Guided Meditations

  • Customized Life Plans

  • Breathwork Classes

  • Direct, personal Feedback 

  • Strategy Sessions

  • Acquisition of New Skills

  • Psychedelic Experience Breakdowns

  • Focused Journalling

  • Opportunity to help others 


Let’s grow together. Here are the next steps:

To get access to the Mastermind Integration Program all you have to do is click one of the blue buttons on this page.

The Mastermind has a ton of value packed into it for the price.

It is a one-time fee of $565.

This works out as $60 session, which includes a ton of personalized content and weekly exercises.

If you’re struggling to make the decision, we also have payment plans available to you, just let us know here.

When you click the button below, you will be asked to fill out some simple questions in a form and pay to reserve a spot.