Wondering what Apotheosis is like? Hear it from the participants directly. A few of them have been generous enough to share their experiences with us. This is the story of Apotheosis.


You don’t need to feel miserable for the rest of your life. Imagine if your angst could be wiped away in a week of very agreeable, loving and mindblowing experiences, and that this betterment set the foundation for a wiser and happier life path, wouldn’t you do it?
— Tania, 44, Architect, France

Don’t think. Just go. That’s it. Everyone needs to do this. Every single human being on the planet needs to do this at least once a year. There’s no doubt about it.
— Travis, 37, Entrepreneur, USA

The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned in the last few days was actually learning my true value as a human being and being able to express myself to other humans, to spread my love, and take care of my inner child which has not been taken care of fit and properly.
— David, 23, Israel
Apotheosis was completely life changing. The value of Apotheosis lies in empowering yourself, connecting with like minded people and being open to being transformed to once again recognize the divine beings in each and every one of us.
— Arianna, 27, Communications, Saudi Arabia

What I learned most is how many of my actions and thoughts are driven by the ego, and how fast I can grow when I’m surrounded by supportive people. I haven’t grown as much in the whole past year as I did here in the last four days because you’re surrounded by love, and you’re surrounded by support, and everyone is here to help you succeed.
— Maria, 30, Happiness Engineer, Poland

You get to unravel what you think is you by diving deeper into yourself, so that you may be able to better navigate your life, having acquired a new sense of confidence and an ability to receive love, love, love. To experience unconditional love from new people – that’s invaluable, and a gift to last a lifetime.
— Aida, USA
I feel grateful to have been a part of a rare opportunity, immersed in a fully authentic environment for humans to become what seems so simple yet so far away most of our lives. It was/is a beautiful glimpse of the boundless possibilities of this life.
— Gavin, 33, USA

What I feel is more possible is that I have more confidence, more direction towards what I’m going to do and what I want to do, so in this way where I was first doubting certain plans or projects, I will now go directly towards them and work on that, which gives me meaning in life and purpose.
— Sven, Wim Hof Instructor, Netherlands

The retreat itself blew my mind. The whole thing was designed to obliterate defenses I’d built up over the years. This allowed me to express long repressed feelings. I cried, I laughed, I spoke my mind and it felt nourishing. It was something I didn’t even realize I needed. The retreat is structured in such a way as to allow one to express themselves in an environment free of judgement. I am in a better mood now and walk more confidently about the world. My relationships with people back home have improved. I have met and stayed in contact with the coolest and loveliest people. I had so many deep and fascinating conversations.
— Frank, 38, Solicitor, Ireland
My first thought is, just ‘effin do it. I was on the fence both times, and I suppose fate kind of pushed me over the edge, and I couldn’t be more grateful... Make the choice to follow your path. To do the hard thing. To do maybe the scary thing. And the universe will rise up to meet you. Apotheosis is a great place to find yourself, even if you don’t know how you made it.
— Mayry, 30, Personal Assistant, USA